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                AddNo.2 Chunhui Road Chang'an Town,Huishan District,Wuxi,Jiangsu Province 214177 China
                Tel0510-88996288 83622088
                Fax0510-88999758 83763768
                E-mailxinchang@wxxc-sp.com Website: www.wxxc-sp.com
                Chariman Message

                  Reviewed the past years, Xinchang has developed from a small factory to a medium-size enterprise since 1998. Meanwhile xinchang has finished the product transition from carbon steel pipe to stainless steel pipe. Its total industrial output value, industrial added value, sales revenue, profit, tax and other main economic indicators grows at an average of 50% every year since 2005. The company has finished development by leaps and bounds.

                  Facing the challenge, we keep improving ourselves; In the fierce market competition, we adhere to the enterprise sprint of 'hard work, good quality, honest and trustworthy' and bases on capital operation, capacity of product development etc, we carry forward and promote the spirit of practicality, truth-seeking and courage in innovation for keeping rapid and healthy development.

                  Looking to the future, Xinchang is full of self-confidence. We will continue to carry forward the sprint of hard working, innovation, keep changing for surviving. We will promote the process of stainless steel industry and optimize the structure. We will upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry's added value and increase the content of science and technology of products by the application of information technology. We will improve the talent training mechanism and improve the overall quality of employees. We will continue to provide good quality products and sincere, efficient and full service. We will try our best to create our own brand. At same time, we expect your continuous support and help for our mutual future.